Fairy Tail Volume 58


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  • Zzeroo Requiem

    translate that pls

  • ๖̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜMєllѳ•٠·

    thank you Yonkou! ^^)

  • Naza Lover

    Irene, Brandish and Dimaria look beautiful and badass in color.

  • Wizard

    Now Ninehart looks even more lame :p

    • jacob levenson

      just goes to show he was never meant to be taken seriously.

    • Porthya

      I can’t get over Wahl-e’s retarded grin =))

  • Silvia Marcela Vera

    Thank you <3

  • Porthya

    So, from the official colour design of Rakheid, he’s got the Dragneel eye-colour and slanty eyes, mommy’s hair-colour and lashes, uncle’s hairstyle and love for asymmetric outfits…yeah, he clearly envies Natsu, typical jealous copy-cat there XD

  • Sokudo

    That was gildarts right

  • faithinyou12

    I really like Ninehart’s purple hair ^^ I don’t’ know why