Attack On Titan Chapter 89


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  • … I am confused tbh. Eren’s titan is not the Wall titan of the kings, as far as I understand. So why does he have that ability? I get it that the whole control thing happened because he somehow connected with Grisha’s first wife’s titanic body, but that does not explain anything at this point. He must have had the ability of the king to connect with her in the first place… imho. Or maybe the ability is latent in the SMILING titan, and Eren was injected with her energy at that point, one-time injection that allowed his consciousness to be the emitter ? Frankly, I do not know what I m talking about. need to re-read the source

    • Jonathon

      Have you forgotten the last YEAR of SnK?

      During Eren’s capture by Rod Reiss, he saw a vision of his father stealing the original Titan power aka Coordinate (by killing and eating Frieda Reiss, Historia’s sister). His father then transformed Eren into a Titan, Eren ate Grisha, and he now possesses the original Titan power. Eren has had this power since he was a child. He first used it, yes, because he was in contact with someone that had the royal blood.

      • Ah… got confused a lil. The org Eren had the SnK titan, and Eren looks similar. So is Eren a mixture ? Of both titans. I guess nope. I guess I m spillin bullshit on U guys. I need to re establish the lore sithin myself first

        • Jonathon

          Let me summarize the transfer of power. I think you may be forgetting that ONE person can have TWO Titans within them.

          Eren Kruger aka Owl > Gives SnK to Grisha

          Frieda Reiss > Has her Original Titan power stolen by Grisha who ate her.

          Grisha now possesses two Titan powers, the Original and the SnK.

          Grisha > Gives both his Titan powers to Eren by transforming his son and letting himself be eaten. This is now the present.

          • ah, I see. So I was basically correct at my sec attempt without remembering basic stuff ;p thx m8

          • memory is a bitch after Christmas

  • Aven9er

    the translation on this is terrible. it reads like a fob wrote it. it was hard to understand just because of that. ._.

    • Markyboy

      Just be thankful you had somebody translate it for you. You think you can do better? Learn Japanese and translate yourself. Its most likely Yonkou did this without revisions as soon as it was released so people like you can get it as soon as possible. Jeez, ungrateful ingrates.

      • Aven9er

        how about you go f*ck yourself instead of commenting on other people’s OPINIONS. I never said I wasn’t grateful. I was saying I didn’t understand it because of the terrible translation. it’s one thing to debate on someone else’s opinions but it’s little cunts like you who are worse for criticizing people for having them. what next? wanna become a grammar cop too? I left so many punctuations and capitalizations off! oh no! well guess what? I did it without revisions so a douche bag like you can read it as fast as you can. lol get over yourself bitch

        • Markyboy

          Whao take it easy man, didn’t mean to trigger you. And its “fuck”, no need to be little kids and censor ourselves. If you are grateful than say it, and it wasn’t as terrible as you make it seem. I could understand it pretty easily due to context. And that was my opinion of your opinion. So by your own logic, “maybe you should go fuck yourself instead of commenting on the other people’s OPINIONS”. But its fine by me, comment as much as you’d like, we’re all adults (At least I hope so). I also get a feeling the guy who translated it would agree with me, if youre gonna critique his work, put something more insightful “it reads like a fob wrote it”.

        • Markyboy

          Also how you responded makes you sound childish. I was simply saying be grateful for how early he put this out, and translated it. But you respond by cussing, sounding like a kid who just got scolded by his mother.

          • Aven9er

            lol you proved my point. you had no opinion in your original point so you using “my logic” makes no sense. all you had was a condescending “you think you can do better?” and I liked how you edited your post from the original “ungrateful ingrates” thing. contradicts what you were saying about “respond by cussing sounding like a kid” except you were name calling and tried to catch yourself by editing? LOL go play in traffic. you’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Markyboy

            Its obvious my post had an opinion. My comment obviously showed that I thought you were ungrateful from the context of I wrote. If I am condescending as you say, that would imply I have a low opinion of you. Unless you’re implying what I say is fact?

            If ungrateful ingrate is a cuss equal to “fuck”, “douche bag”, and “bitch” then yeah I was cussing. But it isn’t a cuss, it’s an expression. Sorry, can’t imagine mature people instantly reacting by cussing like you did, I toned my thing done because I thought it may possibly come across the wrong way and upset you, but It still did even without it lol

          • Aven9er

            I was too lazy to read your response since it’s probably more spew of your self-entitlement. so here’s a recipe of a meatloaf.

            Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

            In a large bowl, combine the beef, egg, onion, milk and bread OR cracker crumbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste and place in a lightly greased 5×9 inch loaf pan, OR form into a loaf and place in a lightly greased 9×13 inch baking dish.

            In a separate small bowl, combine the brown sugar, mustard and ketchup. Mix well and pour over the meatloaf.

            Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour.

          • Markyboy

            Too lazy too read 7 sentences lol. Thanks for the recipe for meatloaf, not sure what it has to do with our debate,but I’ll definitely use it when I make meatloaf next time. Just remember next time, Yankou works hard to bring us these translations. We have all the right to provide him/her insightful advice or opinions. But we do not have any right to make fun of his work or just downright insult it, considering we aren’t slaving away to translate manga every week for free.

  • YamiSuzume

    Holy shit… is english ya native language? That translation didnt receive a qualitycheck… its really bad… thx for that work but… why didnt you read ya own work?

    • Markyboy

      Is english your native language*. He most likely did that as soon as he found the Japanese version, and in order to get it to people, like you, who want to read it, he did a quick translation without revision. It wasnt totally unreadable at all, you in general can understand whats going on from context.